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In a home, location is what matters. Part 3

The Home

Now lets talk about the location of the home within the neighborhood or subdivision. You may not care about some of the following negatives for varied reasons, but when selling, you will narrow the pool of buyers willing to accept a negative location. Like we said before, these lots originally were sold cheaper as less desirable locations. You got a fair deal when you purchased, and when selling, you must pass it on. The most common objections given are:

  • Backing or facing to a busy street or highway. Noise, pollution and safety are the obvious concerns. The worst location being on the corner of two or three busy streets.
  • Orientation of the home. Here in Arizona’s hot weather a North/South orientation is preferred.
  • Power lines. Whether on the back or front of the home, they are considered an eyesore, not to mention the perception that electromagnetic fields are a hazard to human beings.
  • Backing up to commercial or industrial property. Again, noise and safety.
  • Lack of privacy. Backyard or/and pool face two story home(s).
  • Being at the end of a street “T.” Oncoming traffic that is more evident in the evenings.
  • Pests. Scorpions, rats and pigeons can be a localized hazard.
  • Fissures and Subsidence. A problem the Valley is facing in some areas as we deplete ground water. After it is drained, the soil compacts and gives away creating fissures and sink holes.

After finding a home in a great location, you are now ready to buy. One last thing you may want to do is talk to your immediate neighbors-to-be; ask them what they think of their neighborhood. Neighbors will tell you things about the neighborhood in a more objective way because they’re not selling you anything. In the process you will get acquainted and conclude they could be wonderful neighbors to have.

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